Showcase Channel has found itself in a new era - upfronts filled with programming centered around young adults. Now, of course, this means one thing - young stars, new and old, coming to the forefront of Hollywood’s prying eyes. On the screen, they play diverse, yet similarly tortured teenagers and twenty-somethings, spanning different decades and circumstances. Off of it, they’re the quiet kids, the partiers, the secret keepers, and everything in between.

Now, the question is, which one are you?


AUGUST 31ST: All bios posted in between the hours of 7 and 8PM EST.


I'm Cass, the lone admin around these parts. I love this roleplay to death, and I only hope that you'll love it too. As far as further contact, you can also find me at my RPH blog (which is currently inactive).

Beyond TT, I also have a couple other roleplays in the works - which I will shamelessly plug once they reach completion!
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Anonymous: aww. i'm sad now. i was going to apply for this but then i realized that this rp is dead. 

I will hopefully revamp it in the future, but this incarnation of TT just didn't go the way I wanted it to - because activity was never fantastic. With some time, I'll hopefully be able to figure out what to fix and attract dedicated applicants.

So many postscripts! I've recently joined the admin team at Almost Famous, and I adore this roleplay with every fiber of my being. There are slivers of it that will be reminiscent of TT, so if you'd like to go down that alley again, please think about auditioning!

I'm still creating the theme for Hate List, and I'm aiming to have it up within the next week - in case anyone was curious.

Oh, and forgot to say this - if you're looking for a large roleplay that's been running for over a year, Can't Hardly Wait may be the place for you. I'm a co-admin around those parts and adore the group with all of my heart. There are over one hundred taken characters and tons of open roles, so please drop by if it falls under your interests.

Alright, m'loves. I tried my hardest to promote this roleplay on an hourly basis in order to draw in some new members, but I don't want to make y'all feel obligated to a dead group since none came running.

I clearly accepted some roleplayers who were incredibly wrong for their parts because their dedication left plenty to be desired, and that fault is all my own; perhaps I accepted too early and gave into the pressure, even though I wasn't satisfied with the vastness of the applicant pool. I'm sorry to have disappointed you.

However, I definitely see myself revamping this again down the line; I love this roleplay too much to let it go completely.

Until then, I'll be bringing back another roleplay of mine - Hate List, which I adore and hope you will too. Since I have over thirty bios written from last time around, I don't expect the turnaround to be too long. I'd give it a week - two tops. If you'd like to know more, you can certainly message me or post in the OOC blog, but know that I'll post the link here once everything's set up!

I hope to see you there, and if not, I'm sure we'll cross paths again - maybe right back here at TT.

And for now, I bid you adieu. Love you lots; thank you for being incredible.

I'd love to see some new additions to the Showcase universe! With five open females and eleven open males- and alternative faceclaims listed here, you have a prime opportunity to join the group.


I swear that I am alive and well - just bombarded with various issues that need taking care of. I'm still promoting all of the open characters, so please don't lose faith in this group! Thank y'all for being so patient and lovely. You're awesome.

There are five open females and eleven open males - nearly all of whom have alternative faceclaims listed here. Don't let the suggestions limit you; I'm definitely open to others!

Looking for a newly opened roleplay with plenty of available characters? Look no further! There are five open females and eleven open males who are in desperate need of applicants.

This roleplay offers you the unique opportunity to play two characters in one - so don't pass it up! There are five open females and eleven open males just waiting for your auditions.

We're a small and welcoming bunch looking for some new additions to the group! Five open females and eleven open males - and here's hoping they pique your interest.